PixelStick 2.15

Measures distances on your desktop and identifies color codes.

PixelStick is a program that comes in handy to graphic designers who wish to easily measure distances on their desktops. The application also features additional tools for identifying color codes, measuring angles, and taking screenshots with just a few clicks.

After you launch the utility on your Mac you will notice 3 points on your screen connected by lines. You can drag the points anywhere on your desktop to measure the distances and angles you need.

The application comes with a built-in screen capture tool that helps you take a snapshot of anything from your desktop. You can also capture your entire screen, but only after you enable the accessibility option from the System Preferences panel for the PixelStick application. Another disadvantage is that the program supports only one output format for exporting the screenshots: TIFF. This isn't much of a deal as the aforementioned image format is popular and compatible with many photo viewers and editors.

All in all, I think PixelStick is an efficient solution for measuring distances on your desktop and identifying color codes. It's definitely worth buying this application if you plan on using it frequently.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Helps you measure angles and distances
  • Comes with a built-in screen capture tool
  • Identifies color codes
  • Supports various color code formats


  • Supports only one output format for saving screenshots (TIFF)
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