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Free Compose and enhance real-time graphics effects.
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Process any type of video in real time. Apply complex graphics effects and switch between layers to optimize the visualization and rendering. Work with MIDI audio tracks, convert video pixels to values for editing and analysis. Access high dynamics range imaging options.

PixelConduit is a real-time video and graphics compositing tool. It supports processing not only a streaming signal but also multiple video file types. The application has a node-based interface, which favors combining multiple effects seamlessly. However, this approach makes it more difficult to use if you do not have much experience. Fortunately, there is a lot of help available in the form of user guide, books and a very active forum.

The application is characterized by its being able to render video very fast even when handling resolutions higher than full HD. In this respect, its node-joining method allows it to fuse effects in such a way that they can be rendered in real time without making an excessive demand on your GPU. Besides being fast, PixelConduit is also very precise. For instance, it can handle colors with extreme precision as it allows more than 90 image processing operations with support of floating-point color.

PixelConduit has a great collection of video tools, which include blurs, channel mixer, curves, automatic smoothing, noise, 3d transform, keyframe animation and cue-based animation, to mention but some of them. In this respect, its powerful keying tools, such as Color Difference, Color Range, 3D Key, Unspill and Despill, deserve special mention. What is more, you can create a customized keying method if it is necessary. Fortunately, the application supports vector masks and shapes, which let you limit the selected effects to a given region. PixelConduit also favors collaboration. In this regard, you can create and save effects for reusing them later. But, not only that, the resulting files are light enough to be shared with others without much difficulty.

All in all, PixelConduit certainly deserves the attention of anyone engaged in video editing as it is powerful, fast and accurate. As to my personal experience with this tool, it is a pity that it sometimes failed to render the video properly, but I am not sure this has to do with my hardware. Good news is that product is free to use and that there are also plugins for such popular editing applications as Final Cut Pro, Motion, Photoshop, Aperture and After Effects.

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  • Supports resolutions higher than HD
  • Can fuse effects to make them easier to process
  • Handles color with extreme precision
  • Great collection of video tools
  • Supports using masks
  • Allows saving and sharing effects
  • Available as plugins for other software


  • May fail to render video properly



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