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Sergey Bolshedvorsky

PixAM is a utility that allows you to take screenshots while you are working on your Mac, to perform basic edit actions on them and share them on the developer’s website.
There is no user interface to this application, you will simply access its menu in the Finder bar. You can take screenshots by selecting the preferred format from the menu, or by using keyboard shortcuts. There are three clipping options: full screen, rectangle or window. After making a screen capture, a window will open showing the taken image and offering editing tools to use. The given edit options are basic ones. Drawing tools, respectively pen, line, arrow, rectangle and oval, can be used to mark areas of interest on the image. Text can be added to the capture, areas can be hidden with the blur tool and after the necessary changes have been performed, the "share" button can serve to upload the image online, or it can simply be saved. It should be said that the "blur" tool does not blur the selected area, but it will hide it behind a fully colored rectangle. There are 48 colors and color tones to choose from. Images will be captured as PNG or JPG. An account on the developer’s website will be of course needed, as the sharing procedure involves using this website.
PixAM is a useful utility for sharing screenshots with co-workers, clients and collaborators while marking essential areas on the capture and adding text explanations to them.

Margie Smeer
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  • Screen captures can easily be taken and edited with drawing tools
  • Screen captures can be shared from within the utility, so long as the user is logged in to pix.am


  • Problems may occur related to the connection with the pix.am server
  • No "cancel" option to use after the share-image process has started
  • The hotkeys cannot be modified by the user
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