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Screen Recorder Pro 3.2

Records video from your screen or camera, including audio.
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Screen Recorder Pro is mainly intended to grab video from your screen. Moreover, it can also help you take screenshots and compress movies. One of the advantages of this tool is precisely its compact interface, which has no hidden settings. What is more, it is possible to use it without even messing with its default configuration. Consequently, it is ideal for any kind of user.

The tool supports recording not only from the screen but also from a connected camera. Besides, it can also capture sound internally or from a microphone. It allows two modes: you can capture the whole screen or just an area. In this regard, it offers less possibilities than other similar tools, which also let you select the active window, for example.

There are also some parameters you can set to meet your needs. One of them is choosing the desired format, and, unluckily, only MOV and MP4 are supported. In addition, you can configure framerate using values from 10 to 60 fps. Likewise, it is possible to compress the recorded video by changing its resolution.

If you are recording a demo or a tutorial, you can enable cursor recording. Not only that, various mouse click animations may be added. Besides, you can stamp a text or image logo on the desired position.

The tool has limitations in terms of video postprocessing. For instance, it does not allow extracting just a segment of the original footage or cropping the desired region. Yet, it does allow compressing recorded videos by changing their bitrate and resolution. Unluckily, for other more sophisticated operations, such as using a specific codec, you would need to use a third-party tool.

All in all, Screen Recorder Pro definitely solves the problem of capturing video or shots from your computer screen, which you can use for tutorials, gameplay demonstrations and simulations. It is meant to be easy to use, which would explain the lack of advanced features. The product is free, so there is nothing to lose if you give it a try and see if it works for you.

Pedro Castro
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  • No hidden settings
  • Captures mouse cursor
  • Records audio
  • Allows adjusting some recording parameters
  • Compresses video
  • Stamps text and image logos


  • Only MOV and MP4 supported as output
  • Limited video postprocessing features
  • Two recording modes only
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