PingPlotter 5.18

Pinpoint network problems as an initial step for solving them.

PingPlotter is intended to pinpoint network problems as an initial step for solving them. In this respect, the application can monitor various network parameters, such as latency and packet loss. This product is meant for professional usage, which explains why it may seem so esoteric for the common user. Regrettably, its help documentation is not as detailed as needed.

The tool has a well-designed interface. It has various panels in which you can view packets, timelines and trace intervals. Luckily, these panels can be adjusted to meet your needs and preferences. In this respect, it is possible to save your configurations as workspaces, which you can quickly load in accordance to the current task.

The idea behind PingPlotter is to probe the route between your machine and the target server. To start, you need to enter the intended target and start tracing. Then, the app starts collecting the kind of data generally used to know the quality of connections, which includes latency and packet loss.

One of the best features is the possibility of graphing the results. Likewise, it is very convenient that it can be set to continuously monitor an entire network and issue alerts in case any extraordinary events are detected, like those that usually indicate an attack.

There are some minor problems that do not demerit the tool’s general quality. For instance, graphs are sometimes difficult to see. Likewise, it would be good if it showed more information about the equipment used.

In general, PingPlotter is a great tool in the hands of network administrators as it helps them ensure the quality of the connectivity at all times. The product is available in three editions. Thus, there is a free edition intended to provide information that could help you get technical support. The other two editions: Standard and Professional can be used by advanced users, professionals and service providers.

Pedro Castro
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  • Allows saving workspaces
  • Shows probing results graphically
  • Continuously monitors an entire network
  • Issues alerts in case any extraordinary events are detected


  • Graphs are sometimes difficult to see. Should show more information about the equipment used
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