Eduphant 2.0

PostgreSQL client for novice & developer
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Aliacta International Corporation

EduPhant is a PostgreSQL client targeted at both SQL novices and PostgreSQL developers.
The SQL query templates will allow the novices to quickly pick up the SQL syntax and logic, and they will jog the memory of the more advanced users. Plus they make it a breeze to rapidly construct your SQL queries through pointing and clicking rather than by typing. You can also store your own custom SQL templates.
Another great help with building queries is the ability to click on any item of the query results table or of the database overview table to quickly insert them in your queries without typing either. (And therefore without typos too!)
The help button contains links to the most essential PostgreSQL information on the internet, which will quickly make EduPhant the center of all your PostgreSQL related work.
EduPhant has support for STDIN and STDOUT, which is very rare.
The log shows you the inner workings of the PostgreSQL server, which is also a unique feature of EduPhant. Programmers just love it! And you can quickly hide it when you don't need it.
Another critical feature of EduPhant is its excellent support for text encodings. Most other SQL clients dumbly enter data in PostgreSQL in their operating system's default text encoding, regardless of the encoding in which your database has been defined. This results in corrupted data that isn't usable cross-platform or with other clients that do respect the text encodings like EduPhant. The corruption is most noticable with non-ASCII characters like an accented "e."
EduPhant is also one of the very few clients that supports UNICODE!
All this makes EduPhant probably the best and safest cross-platform client around for working with PostgreSQL. Oh, and did we mention it's free?
What's new in this version:
Changes since 2.0b1: 2.0b1 wasn't a public release but was available a few days on our site for our own experimentation purposes. It had a 20 minutes limit on connection time with PostgreSQL and an expiration date which are now removed and a few other minor changes were made, especially to solve a problem with the Windows version.
Changes since 1.0b1: Version 2.0 is a major upgrade from version 1.0! There are many new features.
Corrected bugs:
- The only known bug in 1.0b1 was tha...

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