Tool to analyze and predict timing and price movements in the stock markets
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Easily apply the timeless aesthetics and natural appeal of the Golden Ratio to your creative works in art, architecture, graphic design, logos, product design, photo cropping, and more.Use PhiMatrix as a tool to analyze and predict timing and price movements in the stock markets or foreign currency exchanges. Apply the Golden Ratio in achieving excellence in dental aesthetics and as a tool to help patients understand the natural appearance of planned enhancements. Explore and unveil the appearance of Phi, the Golden Ratio, in nature and in the beauty of the human form.
- Drag and resize the Phi-based "Golden Ratio" grid as a transparent overlay to any image or application on your computer screen. PhiMatrix provides a free-floating grid with no application window frame or border to obstruct your images or other applications.
- Descriptions and intuitive icons on the Control Window to describe each control. Help bubbles appear over every icon or control to describe its function.
- The "Quick Click" icons on top and left sides of the Control Window cycle through most common options with the click of the mouse or roll of the mouse wheel.
- Flip the orientation of the grid to any of the four corners (top, bottom, left, right) or just display it in mirrored mode (top & bottom, left & right, center) or with either the horizontal or vertical grid lines eliminated.
- Resize with the mouse by clicking and dragging on the grid or change the size of the grid by using the controls and mouse wheel on the Control Window.

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