Free Manage instant messages in Pesterchum networks.
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Send and receive instant messages in a virtual environment inspired by the Homestuck webcomic. Access the data of users from the Pesterchum network from your Mac and receive a random chum handle. Type texts, attach URLs, view logs and contacts, see statuses, etc.

Instant messaging client copying the look and feel of clients from Andrew Hussie's webcomic Homestuck.

Cool features:

-Profile switching. Instantly switch profiles, loading your color and quirks with it.
-Theme switching and creation. So far this comes with a few official themes! But you can also make your own: just make a new directory in the themes folder with the proper images and style.js file. The style.js file will be documented soon, but feel free to poke at it.
-Memos. Memos that are a lot more like the ones in the comic and allow you to appear at multiple times in one chat.
-Quirks: Prefix, suffix, simple replace, regexp replace (like in 2.5), random replacement, and an auto-mispeller.
-Chum groups. Organize your chums into collapsible groups for easy management.
-Block/user list
-Add/block chums directly from a conversation, the userlist, or memo userlist.
-Timestamps saved in logs and shown in conversations if wanted.
-Logging. Logs are output in bbcode (for easy forum posting), html, and plain text.
-Logviewer for easy log reading inside Pesterchum
-Idling. You can set yourself idle manually, and the computer will set it for you after a configurable amount of time.
-Improved /me. Any letters immediately following /me will be processed correctly. e.g. /me'd rather be fishing -> -- ghostDunk'd [GD'D] rather be fishing --
-Hyperlinks! Now if someone types http://whatever it will turn into a link you can just click and follow. No more copy/paste.
-Memo links. Link your friends to your memos.
-Smilies. We've added about 30-40 smilies from the forums. There is a list later on in this readme.
-Submit quotes directly to the Pesterchum QDB!

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