Peppermint 1.4

Freshest, eco-friendly code editor for your Mac.
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Peppermint is the freshest, eco-friendly code editor for your Mac. Features 80+ different syntaxes supported 10+ different dark and bright themes 20+ linters (Live Syntax Checking) Included Source Tree navigation for lots of languages Correct-as-you-type Linters Lots of different plugins/tools for everything you need Instantly Run/Preview your code, in over 25 languages, without ever leaving Peppermint Included FTP/SFTP mapping support Complete Emmet support + HTML/CSS snippets and autocompletion Node.js integration Clojure integration Lua integration Live CoffeeScript/JavaScript/Bash console Fully customiseable and scriptable Advanced editing: snippets, autocompletion, multiple cursors

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