PDF Joiner 3.0

Combine PDFs into a single document and preview the result.
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Merge two or more PDF documents into a single file. Import and preview selected PDFs, and zoom them in and out. Specify the sequence of PDF files to be joined, edit the order by moving files up and down and remove unrequired PDFs from the list. Preview and export the results.

PDF Joiner is a useful tool that can join multiple pdf documents to create single joined document in just few mouse clicks and easy steps.
Step by step operation:
-Click "Import directory" to load PDF files, then all PDF files in this directory will show in left table.
-Select a PDF file in left or right table to preview its content.
-Zoom In, Zoom Out, Zoom to Fit, Zoom to Actual Size to preview PDF files on right side in "PDF Preview".
-Click "Add" or "Add all" to add selected PDF files in left table to right table.Vice versa, Click "Remove" or "Remove all" to remove selected PDF files in right table.
-Ajust the sequence of PDF files in right table by click "Move top","Move up","Move down","Move Bottom".
-Click "Start PDF Join" to join multiple PDF files in right table on sequence to single PDF file.
-After joining fininshed, you can preview the joined result in "PDF Preview" Panel.
-Click "Save result to…" to save joined PDF file to a specified location.

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