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Edit, digitally sign, convert, and secure PDF files.
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Resize, crop, and rotate PDF documents, digitally sign them, add stamps, watermarking and page numbers. Secure your PDF files with 40-bit or 128-bit encryption, embed fonts, transform RGB to CMYK for printing and CMYK to RGB to see correct colors on a screen. Add or edit metadata, such as author information, dates, and copyrights.

PDF Enhancer automates most of the operations required to produce an optimized PDF document for a particular purpose. Contrasting with most PDF reducers, which just lessen picture quality, this utility decreases file size by manipulating other parameters in such a way that the final quality is not affected. The application is particularly intended to boost your productivity when you are working with high volumes of PDF files.

I would not say the app is easy to use. In fact, it leaves you with a “what-to-do-next” feeling after opening it. On top of that, the link to the help document seems to be broken, so you will probably need to figure out everything by yourself.

The tool comes with a set of enhancers (enhancement profiles), including Booklet, Gray Print + Display, High-quality 4up Printing, High-quality Printing, Office Printing, Proofing, Screen and Web. However, you can modify them or add new ones with the built-in manager.

Each of the enhancers contains the parameters to optimize the chosen PDFs for a given purpose. For instance, it may resize, crop and rotate pages. Likewise, it can handle fonts by embedding and subsetting fonts and even converting them to outlines. Moreover, colors are managed to produce the best quality possible. Similarly, it can downsample images to meet the required specifications.

All in all, PDF Enhancer saves a lot of work if you need to process a huge volume of PDF documents. So, it may come in handy for creating high-quality printouts, electronic versions of periodicals, technical documents and many other professional publications. The product is available in two versions: Professional and Advanced Server, which are distributed in the same installing package. Luckily, you can try any of them at no cost.

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  • Automates many PDF creation and enhancement processes
  • Comes with multiple enhancement profiles
  • Allows creating your own enhancers
  • Reduces size without affecting PDF quality


  • Unfriendly interface
  • Link to the help document is broken


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