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Folder Designer 1.7

This tool helps you change the appearance of folder icons on your Mac.
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Folder Designer is a simple application that helps you change the appearance of folder icons on your Mac. With this tool you can create exquisite folder designs that will replace the regular folder icons your system provides by default.

The program is straightforward and very easy to use. The interface is divided into two modules that offer individual support for making unique folder images. Therefore, you can either use an icon profile to append on the standard folder image or import a picture of your choice as a custom background for the new folder design. No matter what folder customizing mode you select, you have the ability to apply fine edits to your designs. Therefore, you can rescale the chosen icon or the image pattern either manually or automatically. In addition, you are able to center and auto-fit the selected element or picture within the folder area. Furthermore, you can change the background of a folder with a favorite color. Once you finish editing the icon entirely, you just need to browse your computer in order to select the folder for which you created your design.

To conclude, Folder Designer allows you to create beautiful icon designs for the folders you wish to distinguish more easily among multiple folders that have dull appearances.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Can create unique folder designs
  • Straightforward icon editing procedure
  • Can use personal photos as a background for your folder image


  • Can save your newly-created icon as a profile for further use
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