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Free Create and manage various scannable SFV files.
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Derek Smith
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Generate, scan, and organize SFV content. Create new files by uploading input materials and selecting the conversion parameters. Run a scan to read the internal information of the generated items, open and explore the contents listed at the top of the viewing window.

MacSFV is an app that lets you check the integrity of your downloaded files. When you download stuff from the Internet, there is a good chance that it will be downloaded as a series of RAR files, and that your download will come with an SFV file. Only scene releases or releases from serious trackers are still packaged this way, though. The SFV file lets you compare the integrity of your files by comparing them with how they were before they were transferred from the original computer they were archived in to your computer. When you open an SFV file with MacSFV and the .r00, r01, etc files are in the same directory, the application will check them and tell you whether they are OK or they are damaged. That is all this app does. It automatically scans all the files and lets you know how many were good, how many failed and how many were missing.

MacSFV can be found on the developer's personal web page. The version hosted there isn't the latest that he has made, but you can find the new one in other sites. The version that you can download from his website is 1.3, which for me, on 10.6.8 crashed a few seconds after starting scanning. Version 2.0 worked fine.

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  • The last version (2.0) works well


  • It crashes
  • The last version is not available on the developer's website



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