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Patina is an easy-to-use drawing application for your Mac.
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Patina is an easy-to-use drawing application for your Mac. It is the Mac replica of Windows Paint, providing simple, yet efficient tools to create sketches and stylized illustrations from scratch.
Using this program is both fun and easy to manage. With an attractive and clear-cut interface, the utility lets you play with customizable shapes, lines, and colors in order to create simple drawings, which you can reuse in other projects. The main window displays the drawing features as suggestive buttons placed conveniently along the left-hand side and at the bottom of the working area.

Besides the standard drawing tools – like geometric shapes and arrows, straight and curved lines, pencil, brush, and eraser – you are provided with additional features that make the drawing process more pleasant and efficient. Therefore, the app lets you select already-drawn objects in order to move them around the canvas and rotate them to any angle you prefer. A thing that you will appreciate when cropping frames is that these support resizing and can be independently moved around the working area without affecting other image components. A multi-function slide bar allows you to control the width of frames and lines, the font size, and the zoom level. You are provided by default with the seven colors of the rainbow for you to outline or to fill your drawings. Yet, you can change the default colors at any moment – all you need to do is double-click on a color button and get the desired hue from the apple color picker. The background of the objects you draw can be filled with your favorite colors, or it can be made transparent so that the existing shapes won't be covered by the new objects you are about to overlap. Advanced drawing-related options allow you to smooth the object edges and blend smartly translucent nuances with the canvas tint, in order to create new colors that fit better with the overall image.

The above-mentioned features make Patina a good alternative for creating simple drawings and sketches. Without complicated settings or sophisticated features, this application offers an easy solution to put your genuine drawing skills into practice.

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  • Attractive and intuitive interface
  • Simple drawing approach
  • Resizable and movable crop frames
  • Can smooth the object edges
  • Ability to rotate to any angle
  • Can insert text messages


  • Few ready-made shapes


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