File Multi Tool 6

File Multi Tool 6

Change EXIF timestamps and modify dates in images.
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File Multi Tool 6 is a Mac application that allows individuals to modify photographs' meta-data, like the file creation date, the modification dates, or simply change the JPEG & RAW shooting dates. The installation only requires a few mouse clicks to complete and can be done with ease in less than a minute.

The app has a standard interface, with a nicely crafted main menu and a few action tabs. There are no customization options and the font size seems a bit too small, but the buttons have great responsiveness.

The features included consist of a Preview Pane, that lets users visualize the file's meta-data, making it easier to make adjustments to the photos. The app supports all Mac file system flags and allows users to set or remove legacy creation & type codes. Furthermore, individuals have the option to delete invisible files, such as .DS_Store.

All things considered, File Multi Tool 6 is a useful tool for users who want to change EXIF timestamps and modify the information of their photos. Its price may be a bit expensive, but there are no major flaws in this app.

John Saunders
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  • Includes a Preview Pane
  • Supports all Mac file system flags
  • Deletes invisible files


  • Misses customization options
  • Comes with a small font size
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