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Free Protect personal information for remote access.
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Access a suite for storing, synchronizing, and managing personal data when away from the main Mac device. Check out the options for assigning restrictions for viewing and managing passwords, login information for websites and online services, and other materials.

---When packing up for summer vacations, make sure to install Passwarden - your personal information manager! Your private information will be completely safe and accessible everywhere anytime!---
Sick of remembering all your passwords, nicknames and account details? Consolidate them within a secure storage, accessible from anywhere, anytime!
Passwarden is the most reliable and secure service to store any different types of personal data!
Runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, iPad mini, Mac OS X!
Easy and Fast Synchronization between all Devices!
Storage Security
Passwarden keeps all private data both locally, on your devices, and on secure servers that ensure synchronization between devices. All our servers are stored in a highly secure server environment with 24 X 7 monitoring, surveillance and support meant to prevent unauthorized access and ensure data security. We maintain all required security means to guarantee the uninterruptable service and full protection of your private data from natural disasters, intruders or disruptive events.
- Securely store your email accounts, web usernames and passwords, bank account and credit card details, contacts, software licenses, storages, social accounts, photos and more
- Encrypted Data Storage (AES256/SHA-2)
- Easy and native data sorting
- Generator for Complex Passwords (Apple Requirements)
- Easy login/password copying capability
- Secure Automatic and Manual Backup
- Auto-lock to protect your data from prying eyes
- Self-destruction after custom unsuccessful login attempts
- Ability to delete data remotely, if your device is lost or stolen
- Ability to restore all your information after destruction or deleting
- Intuitive and clear interface
- Sorting by Category and Type
- Pre-filled templates for almost all email, social, Apple services and cloud services
Unless you possess an outstanding memory, it’s impossible to remember passwords to all services and tools we use daily. In many cases, this forces us to use single password for multiple services inadvertently making all our data vulnerable, once our credentials get into ill-intended hands. The apt password manager will help you to fix this vulnerability, by providing a handy vault for generating and storing unique passwords to all your services and bank accounts. It will also help hide from prying eyes other private information e.g. credit card details, contacts notes and even personal photos.
Password Generator allows to generate both ultra strong, custom and Apple Requirements-based passwords.  
Passwarden will provide secure storage for sensitive data on iPhone, iPad and Mac computers and ensure seamless synchronization of data among all your devices.

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