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Create a single password or a long list up to 500,000 (half million) of passwords in 1 click...
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Password Creator is a utility that can generate random passwords. The most important security measure that you can take to protect your data and access to your files and important accounts is a good password. For a password to be good, it has to be long, and it shouldn't have any phrases that can be easily remembered. That is why there are so many random password generators out there. This is quite a good one, because it lets you generate single passwords and series of thousands of passwords with a single click.

You can specify what types of characters you want to use in your generated passwords. The available combinations include lowercase and uppercase alpha, numeric, alphanumeric, and hexadecimal characters. Punctuation marks are also added to some sets of characters to increase strength.

There is a bar that you can use to choose the length of your passwords. As you increase the length, you will see that a strength meter goes from red to green. The meter displays how strong your password is using a scale of 1 to 10. The application deems that a password is strong when it uses 10 alphanumeric + punctuation characters. The ratings change depending on the type of characters that you use.

Password Creator lets you export your generated password lists to a TXT file, which you can later import into other applications.

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  • Different character types available
  • It can generate lists of passwords
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