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An application designed to help programming languages create GUIs.
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Not all programming languages benefit from graphic user interface support; without GUI capabilities, you cannot create such element as dialogs. Pashua provides a simple solution for creating Aqua dialogs while still using the programming language most are familiar with.

In its current version, Aqua includes documentation for using Apple­Script, Perl, PHP, Python, Groovy, Rexx, Ruby, shell scripts and Tcl; based on the guidelines provided, you may even include support for new programming languages as well.

An important feature is the availability of dialog examples in addition to the programming language documentation. Considering that Pashua provides no means of editing the code (like an IDE), I used AppleScript Editor to modify and run the sample code provided.

Pashua also supports different GUI elements such as check ­boxes, text areas, radio­ buttons or pop-up menus. Moreover, you may add images as well as PDF files into dialogs.

The application is ideal for adding Aqua dialog controls to small scripts. It is simple to learn and quick to put to use. The documentation and example files will give you a great start.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Well documented
  • Simple programming syntax
  • Useful for programming languages with little or no GUI support


  • No built-in IDE
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