Exedore 0.8

Thoroughly Mac-native, single window Python IDE.
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Todd Ditchendorf

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Exedore is a thoroughly Mac-native, single window Python IDE. Exedore is written entirely in Cocoa/Objective-C so it feels right at home on your Mac.
- Exedore includes:
- A full-featured Python text editor with syntax highlighting, code completion with fuzzy matching, and tabs for writing your scripts.
- An integrated Python debugger with graphical breakpoints, stack trace display, local variable display, and a console for stepping through your scripts.
- Syntax highlighting themes.
- Integrated REPL sessions in separate tabs. REPL tabs sport syntax highlighting, command history, and code completion.
- Project-wide search and replace using regular expressions.
- An integrated documentation browser.
- Command-click on symbols for goto definition. Option-click for goto online documentation.
- As a Mac developer learning Python, Exedore is the single-window, graphical Python debugger with Mac-native text editing, code completion and tab triggers that I've always wished I had. Exedore is heavily inspired by Xcode.
What's new in this version:
FIX: Improved code auto completion. NEW: New application icon.

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