Pagico 9.4

Keep track of your daily assignments, notes, and important files from one place.

Pagico is a Mac tool that might come in handy to people who are dealing with busy schedules. With its help, you can easily keep track of your daily assignments, manage to-dos, store important notes or files, and so much more.

The program features a user-friendly interface, comes with an efficient search tool, and lets you choose between multiple view modes (for displaying the stored to-dos, notes, etc.). What's more, it enables you to print the stored information with just a few clicks.

In my testing, the utility worked flawlessly. It was very simple to add new to-dos to my records, import personal files, and set reminders for certain tasks. So, minimum Mac experience is being required in order to work with this tool. Another great aspect is that you can sync the stored info across your media gadgets (multiple iOS or Android devices supported).

Two things you need to consider before purchasing this product for your Mac: it lacks an option to export the stored information and the fact that you can find cheaper solutions for keeping track of notes and events.

Hence, it's up to you to decide based on your needs if Pagico is the right tool for you or look for a cheaper alternative.

Ashley Griggs
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  • You can sync the stored data across your media gadgets
  • Comes with an efficient search tool
  • Lets you set reminders
  • Helps you manage your contact data


  • Missing option to export the stored info
  • You can find cheaper solutions
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