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Search for specific content in InDesign files.
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Check out a browsing and search solution for the materials of InDesign projects. Work with the options for processing and viewing the data of selected items. Enter the search request and view the results manually, copy and extract the information, etc.

PageZephyr Search allows users to search InDesign(R) files (INDD documents) for specific text content, in conjunction with Apple(R) Spotlight(R). Text can be viewed directly within the PageZephyr Search tool or by having PageZephyr Search open the documents in InDesign. (An appropriate version of InDesign is required as PageZephyr Search is not a file conversion tool). PageZephyr Search also allows one to copy the text out of an InDesign file without having InDesign present. PageZephyr Search Mac Features: * indexes content easily within Apple Macintosh storage volumes that have Spotlight enabled. * supports InDesign CS through InDesign CC native files. * goes to the highlighted search term in InDesign for context awareness. * does not require Adobe(R) InDesign graphic software to be installed or running. When a user right-clicks on the highlighted word and a compatible version of InDesign is installed, PageZephyr Search Mac opens the file in InDesign and takes the user to that word in the InDesign file (INDD document). Additionally, Users can copy and paste text, in plain text format (TXT), out of PageZephyr Search into a favorite text editor or text program. Read more:

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