- OCRTOOLS can recognize the image files or clipboard images converts the text data by OCR technology.
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OCRTOOLS is an application that lets you convert images to text. The app uses Optical Character Recognition technology to automatically convert images that have text in them to text that you can later copy to other applications, translate or save as a document from within the app. Ideally, the images that you use with this application have to be of good quality and the text must be crisp and smooth. Once you have loaded your image, it will be displayed on the top pane. Below that, you will see the attempted conversion via OCR. And if you chose to translate the text as well, the translation will appear at the bottom. You can choose the OCR language and the desired target language for translation.

After loading the image, you can zoom it in or out, rotate it or crop it to improve the quality of the OCR process.

In my testing, the application performed great when the image used had a white background and the text was computer-generated. For example, I used several screenshots of text from Wikipedia, and they were all recognized quite well. The results weren't as good when the text was from a printed page and taken with a digital camera. The app also had issues converting text with backgrounds that weren't white.

José Fernández
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  • Built-in translator
  • Easy to use
  • It works well with digital text on white backgrounds


  • It doesn't do a great job of recognizing any text that is not on a white background
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