NouveauPG 1.74

Send and receive encrypted messages to keep your private data safe.
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NouveauPG is a PGP client that offers to protect confidential information from prying eyes. Therefore, the tool helps you send and receive encrypted messages, so you can keep your private data safe. Only the real recipients will be able to read the information, as each message bears an exclusive encryption key that can be removed by entering the proper validation keys.

The program opens with a minimalist interface that displays all necessary functions on the main window. Sending private data to a designated recipient requires composing the message. This operation is done easily, either by typing a secret message into the app or by loading the information from a file. Then, you can enable the encryption. Exporting the encrypted text can be done by copying the message to the clipboard or by saving it to a text file.

To read an encrypted message sent from another party requires creating a new identity. Namely, you are asked to enter your identity name, optionally your e-mail address, and then, secure your account with a password of your choice or generated by the program. You need to remember this code as you are required to type it each time you wish to open a secret message. For safety reasons, it is advisable to back up your identity with the Private Keystore feature.

All in all, NouveauPG cares about data confidentiality and provides you with the ability to share private information in a secure way. Therefore, you will be able to interchange private messages, without worrying about the information being intercepted by intruders or disclosed to unauthorized users.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Message encrypted with a unique key
  • Verifies the validity of a public key certificate
  • Supports exporting the secret message to clipboard or to a text file


  • Can encrypt only plain text
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