Anonym 2.3

Network access anonymizer. Its main purpose is to hide your real public IP address.
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Anonym is a free application designed to allow users to browse the Internet in a safer and more secure environment. It does it with the help of anonymous proxies retrieved from public servers. With this tool you can automatically filter all proxies, remove duplicate IPs, and create a list of favorites. All this and much more is available within a clean and intuitive interface which should appeal to all users.

Using Anonym is quite easy. Start by downloading a list of proxies. The utility will then display all servers, with details regarding their IP address, port, latency, country of origin, type and status. With just a simple click you can activate the selected proxy in Safari. Optionally, Anonym may scan only for specific types of servers: tested, filtered, dead, anonymous, transparent, working, elite.

The application can update the favorite proxy list, download new lists, test all proxies, remove dead IPs and save back to favorite, all automated. It can handle the following protocols: HTTPS, HTTP, FTP, stream and Gopher.

Anonym makes for a powerful and flexible proxy manager. It automates multiple tasks that otherwise would take a lot of time to perform and is free to use.

Rory Shaffer
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