NoobProof 1.5

Accesses and configures the settings of firewalls.
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Modify the functionality and access to your firewall setups. Enable the work and data transfer between additional applications, check the current list of exceptions, adjust the blocking patterns for automated prevention of threats, integrate new kernel modules.

NoobProof is a basic IPFW firewall configuration tool for Mac OS X 10.5-10.6-10.7. NoobProof main features:
- uses Mac OS X built-in IPFW firewall.
- No kernel modules, no extensions, no pain.
- decide who can connect to your mac's open services: allow or deny a single host, multiple hosts or subnets for every configured service
- deny unwanted connections to shared files, music, photos, printers
- easily add new custom services and rules
- limit inbound bandwidth for selected services or for all Internet traffic
- deny real-time network applications like on-line gaming or audio/video chatting
- block untrusted hosts with outgoing/incoming connections black lists
- see firewall logs in window, in terminal or in real-time
- see live static and dynamic ipfw rules
- supernoob mode one-click firewall setup (stateful firewall)
- wizard configurator is the easiest way to configure the Mac OS X firewall. It starts the first time you launch NoobProof
- friendly default configuration, very simple graphic interface
- injectors: deploy easily your firewall setup across a large number of macs; do backups or libraries of useful firewall configurations. Injector works on Mac OS X 10.4-10.7 NoobProof is a free and open-source application. We accept PayPal donations to or BitCoin donations to 16UvmZcqEEYT5gYrTaGrh82d12726fQi5x Thank you.


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