NFS Manager 5.5

Access and control the NFS features of a Mac machine.
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Command the NFS features built into macOS or macOS Server. Automatically detect and display the current configuration along with the available settings, perform standard or advanced configuration operation, save and preview all the resulting changes.

NFS Manager is a graphical user interface to control all built-in NFS features of Mac OS X. It can manage a whole network of Mac OS X computers to setup a distributed NFS file system via a few simple mouse clicks.
NFS (Network File System) is the industry standard for file sharing on UNIX systems like Mac OS X. Each Mac OS X system can be setup as an NFS server to offer files to the network, or as an NFS client to access files shared by other computers. Different from other file sharing protocols built into Mac OS X, NFS has no limitations in the number of users or connections concurrently active. In addition, NFS can be setup to connect to servers fully automatically ("automounting") without any password entries being necessary.
The application is designed to use the latest technologies available in Mac OS X, like Open Directory, Bonjour, or Kerberos. If your network is setup as a Kerberos realm, secure NFS with authenticated and encrypted connections can be configured.
NFS Manager 3 is for Mac OS X Leopard or later only. Previous generations of Mac OS X use a very different implementation of NFS and therefore need a different management tool. If you like to use NFS with legacy systems, please see the pages of NFS Manager 2 for further information.
What's new in this version:
Added support for OS X 10.11 El Capitan. This is now the minimum OS version to run release 4 of NFS Manager. The application was revised completely to use the latest Apple technologies. The user interface was carefully modernized, keeping the overall style of previous versions. Importing configuration files of NFS Manager 2 (Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and previous versions) is no longer...

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