Network Strength

Network Strength 1.4

A program for monitoring your Wi-Fi network strength.
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Network Strength is a Mac program that provides you with a quick and simple way to identify the current Wi-Fi network strength. The application is also capable of detecting and revealing your network name and local IP address.

This utility lives on your Menu Bar from where you can get access to the aforementioned information. You can choose which details to be displayed on the main menu of the application, such as Wi-Fi network strength, network name, etc. The program also allows you to select which information to be displayed as its icon on your status bar. For example, it can show the current Wi-Fi network strength (in percentage, 100% representing the best speed possible) as its Menu Bar icon.

I started testing the utility by launching it while the Wi-Fi was off. Its menu showed only one option: "Quit Network Strength". Once I turned the Wi-Fi on, the application immediately displayed information in its menu. Unfortunately, it failed to detect and show my public IP and MAC addresses. It kept displaying the "Detecting..." message.

In conclusion, I think you can find better solution for monitoring your Wi-Fi network strength. This utility provides you with a small amount of details and doesn't even work 100%.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Localized in various languages
  • Detects when the Wi-Fi is off or on
  • Lets you choose which type of info to be displayed as icon and in its menu


  • Fails to detect and display public IP and MAC addresses
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