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Network Strength 1.3

Network Strength allows you to keep evidence of your network identity.
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Network Strength is an extremely simple application that allows you to keep evidence of your network identity.
An Internet crash isn't exactly a pleasant thing, especially when you are in the middle of working on a project, so keeping an eye over your connection status is a good idea. Network Strength is able to display basic information about the network you're connected to, the assigned IP (local or public), Ping time, MAC address, the strength of the Internet connection or the noise level that is interfering with your connection. Based on these statistics, one can determine the recommended settings for an optimal Internet connection.

Moreover, Network Strength fits perfectly the menu bar, so you won't even feel its presence. You will still have the option to choose which details should be displayed in the menu bar, which ones in the drop-down menu and which ones should be hidden.

And, best of all, Network Strength is a free-to-use application, so you will be able to enjoy its benefits without paying a cent.

Josephine Seaman
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Low-resource consumer
  • Menu bar integration


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