NanoStudio 1.45

NanoStudio is a smart virtual recording studio with MIDI input support.

NanoStudio is a handy application for recording sounds and songs. The look of the main interface is similar to a piano keyboard but the users can choose the sounds they want to play when hitting a key. It provides the common editing tools that you find in any virtual recording studio, like volume, pitch, reverb and other. On top of that, it provides an extra mixer which comes with a wide variety of settings.

This feature rich application comes with a nice GUI that allows the users to interact with buttons rather than text commands. It also comes with various predefined rhythms and songs that will help Mac users when composing. The users can connect various instruments to Mac, and it lets them alter the sounds they produce with the musical instruments connected. Also, the users are allowed to lock/unlock a specific region of piano keyboard, depending on the octaves they are using. For a better use of the recording tool, the application can show another keyboard in the upper side, allowing the users to navigate more easily.

Briefly, it is safe to say that NanoStudio is a smart virtual recording studio; it comes with a nice GUI and an easy-to-use menu that will help Mac users to quickly get themselves familiar with the tool.

Dave Hattey
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  • Well-polished interface
  • Wide variety of tools and settings
  • Highly responsive to commands


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