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With MyScript Trainer Extension you can create your personal writing profile!
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With MyScript Trainer Extension you can create your personal writing profile!
MyScript Trainer is available as an extension SDK to MyScript Builder SE and provides the tool to build a Trainer engine.
Although MyScript provides very high recognition accuracy scores, MyScript Trainer can improve recognition for people whose writing style differs from the "average" by creating a custom writing profile.
Two steps to create your writing profile
First, the writer reproduces texts, alphabets, numbers and punctuation using a writing device such as digital pen, paper pad or electronic tablet. There are two ways to collect these ink samples:
With a form: a structured form figuring labels (alphabet, numbers, symbols, punctuation marks and text to write) and dedicated fields to write them in.
Without a form: using any digital device, allowing the user to write the samples freely. In this case, MyScript Trainer retrieves and matches the set of ink samples with the corresponding labels using a training set extractor. The user can then validate whether the ink samples and labels match.
Then, handwriting samples are introduced to the default recognition engine which is retrained to obtain a new specific recognition engine.

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