GPRS Script Generator 1.9

GSG is a help on generating Macintosh Modem Scripts for GPRS connections.
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GSG is a software utility to help on generating Macintosh Modem Scripts for GPRS connections.
It supports the new Intel based Macintosh as well PowerPC running Mac OS X (Universal Binary).
A separate download is avaliable for Mac OS Classic (starting from version 8.6 and CarbonLib).
Many options are available to make easy as possible the process of script creation.
A Presets menu is available, containing settings for more than 200 network operators around the world, from Europe to Australia.
Selecting a preset, all basic parameters are automatically added and with just few clicks a modem script can be generated. Presetted parameters can be modified and integrated with additional options, like Quality of Service definition and others.
The "Settings from init string" feature permit to easily create a script starting from a GPRS init string. Sometimes mobile network providers only provide a GPRS init string. GSG can scan this string and extract from it all necessary settings to build a Modem Scritpt.
Online hints are available to assist on script creation and parameters setting. Pointing cursor on various parameters cause the hints window to display suggestion about it. In addition the enclosed manual can help on troubleshooting and creating advanced scripts.
Two operating modes are available: Easy and Expert. In Easy mode only basic settings are displayed to avoid get confused dealing with weird settings. Expert mode show the full set of GPRS options and provide expert users the ability to do a full customization of the script.

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