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Organize data and manage content by location.
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Jeffrey Struthers
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Manage media content for specific locations and distant places on a trip. Work with the parameters for optimizing the associations of and quick access to pictures, documents, and other materials with selected areas and regions. Check the logs to view previous associations.

My World is your media organizer for distant places.
Its Useful.
My World is about associating pictures, documents and other media with chosen places world-wide.
For example:
Associating photos, documents, and other media with previous or future travel spots.
Associating events, news and historical information with specific places world-wide.
Localizing references, such as information about distant customers, contacts, suppliers and market opportunities.
Once created, you can update your sets at will.
Its Personal.
Each member of your family can save a copy of My World with their own choices. Or, you might save one copy for personal use and another for business.
Its Easy to Use.
My World works visually and intuitively, primarily by "point and click" and "drag and drop".
My World is a "stand-alone" application. it's maps and data resources are not dependent on any other source.
Its Attractive.
My World uses a portfolio of custom, beautifully colored elevation-relief images of the Earth in its natural "blue marble" shape. Each is centered on a different region of the world (e.g., Europe, Australia, Middle East). You never lose your perspective of where a distant place is on the global earth.
My World is deliberately global in orientation. No detail maps are built in, but a convenience feature is included that will request detail maps using your web browser.

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