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MoveAlong relocates a video window when the mouse is moved over said window.
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MoveAlong relocates a video window when the mouse is moved over said window. The video is moved to a different quadrant of the screen in a clockwise direction; hence, the tool only works for windows that take up a quarter of the screen or less. It is designed for those who like to watch video while using their computer for other things, yet have limited space on their screen.

MoveAlong is compatible with videos playing in Quicktime Player, VLC, and EyeTV, as well as Plex and iTunes if "access for assistive devices" is enabled in System Preferences. It is represented by a menu icon which, when clicked, provides a list of the currently playing videos that can be used with the app. Be aware that selecting a video will make it impossible to click on the video window again, to resize it for example, until you deselect it in MoveAlong. Keyboard shortcuts for the given application are preserved, so if you have Quicktime Player selected as your front application, for example, you can still pause and play using the spacebar key.

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  • Adds a dimension to your monitor workspace
  • Application shortcuts are preserved
  • Compatible with the most common video applications for Mac


  • Only supports videos less than a quarter of screen size on primary monitor
  • No preferences



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