Mouse And Keyboard Recorder 51.9

Automate mouse and keyboard input capture.
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Record keystrokes and mouse actions in your system. Capture individual button input, as well as clicks, movements, special controller gesture, scrolling, dragging, etc. Monitor the active action number being automated and recreate the sequences automatically.

Mouse And Keyboard Recorder is a simple and easy to use recording automation tool. Whether you wish to record mouse clicks, mouse movements, mouse scrolling, mouse dragging or key pressing on your Mac, this Macro Recorder can do it all for you. All you need to do Start the Recording, perform the Actions manually and then let the Software Play them for you as and when you want. Main Window of Recorder Remembers it's position so you can drag the Window to a location best suited for your purpose. Number of Actions being Recorded are displayed in the Main Window so as to give you an idea of what's being recorded while your do Mouse and Keyboard Actions Manually. In order to view the Number of Mouse and Keyboard Actions being recorded, do have a look at the Action Counter field of the Recorder.
When a Recorded Macro Script is played, the Action Counter displays the active action number being automated. Configurable System Wide Keyboard Shortcuts can be defined to Start / Stop Recording and also for Playing the Recorded Script. Distinct Sound Alerts can be enabled / disabled to indicate whether Macro Recording is being Started or Stopped. Distinct Sound Alert is played when Macro executed is Started and Stopped. Configurable Time Delay before the start of recorded macro. When delayed macro execution is enabled, a timer displays the time remaining to start the Playback of Macro.
What's new in this version:
Added Settings in Right Click Menu allowing to Select the Mouse and Keyboard Actions to Record


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