Minify 1.0

Optimizes the size of static components of your website.

Minify is intended to reduce the time your websites take to load by optimizing the size of such components as HTML, CSS and JS. In this respect, the app can perform three different operations: combining, minifying and compressing.

First, the tool can combine multiple JS and CSS files into a single one to decrease their loading time significantly. Second, it also can minify these types of files, which means that they are packed into a MIN file. Third, compressing, which is the method with a highest impact on reducing total load size, is very similar to minifying, except that it creates GZ files instead. In this regard, compressing files into GZ archives is by far the most effective method as it is said that the size of the resulting GZ file may be even less than 10 percent of that of the source files.

The application is extremely minimalistic both in appearance and usage. When you open it, there is a window onto which you can drag and drop your site’s folders. Fortunately, it can process all files as a single operation. In terms of results, Minify does not seem to be as good at reducing HTML as it is at shrinking CSS and JS files.

All in all, Minify can save you a lot of time by automating code optimization. Good news is that the product is extremely light and available at no cost from the Mac App Store.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports three different optimization methods
  • Minimalistic and easy to use
  • Supports batch operations


  • Not very effective at reducing the size of HTML files
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