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Change their layout of web pages and customize their styling.
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Create and customize web pages. Adjust pages to different screen sizes by duplicating and mirroring them. Generate templates, add, remove, and reorganize stylesheets. Work with Bootstrap 3 and HTML files, perform multipage edits, and alter HTML and Less/CSS code.

Pinegrow Web Editor lets you design or create mockups of responsive webpages. In this regard, it supports various web technologies, such as CSS and LESS, Angular JS and Bootstrap. Unfortunately for beginners, the editor has a steep learning curve. However, you can get plenty of help from various sources if you need it.

The tool allows creating webpages from scratch or by importing existing projects. It has the main advantage of supporting adding new elements by simple drag-and-drop operations. Fortunately, there is a huge library of such components. After that, you can redesign the page by moving, cloning or deleting those elements in a WYSIWYG style. There is also the possibility to edit different versions of the same page to make it responsive for multiple screen sizes.

Another way to edit contents is by directly modifying the underlying code. In this respect, even though the developers claim that the app does not hide the code, it seems to me that accessing the code is somewhat harder than it is with other similar tools. Luckily, though, there is perfect synchronization between the code and the preview you get on the WYSIWYG editor, which even includes the use of any third-party code editor. more

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  • Creates responsive webpages
  • Supports building webpages from ready-made elements
  • Perfect synchronization with the underlying code
  • Supports multiple web technologies
  • Compatible with other development tools
  • Supports multi-page editing


  • May contain minor bugs
  • Steep learning curve
  • Not easy to access the underlying code


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