MediaMaster 5.6

Transform your Mac device into a media server.
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Check out a collection of instruments and configuration options for establishing a media server on your device. Enable the streaming of live or programmed content from selected sources. Work with standard and HD definitions and resolutions. Use multi-core processing.

MediaMaster will turn any powerful computer into a full fledged media server capable of running live or programmed HD video shows in sync with music and light. MediaMaster's multi-threaded engine delivers blistering performance, by taking advantage of multi-core machines.
Practical interface- A straightforward interface displaying all layer's parameters simultaneously, as well as all layers preview, gives lighting designers improved visibility of their shows and the best ergonomics possible
Efficient media management - With MediaMaster's new media management system, you can store up to 40,000 visuals in more than 200 folders, delete and move files at your convenience without having to re-stack a programmed show.
Audio Visualizers - MediaMaster's audio visualizers are powerful visual animations that react to the audio input to create nice ambient visuals. Audio visualizers are perfect for clubs, live DJ performances and LED outputs.
Total creativity -Take total control of your media: position, scale, rotate, adjust transparency, colors, compose with other layers etc. MediaMaster supports major media formats, multiple video inputs, and provides more than 60 effects with controllable parameters.
Guaranteed quality - MediaMaster's powerful video engine and integrated native decoders of MPEG 2/4, QuickTime photo JPEG and Adobe Flash (among other formats) guarantee a smooth and reliable playback of full HD media on all layers.
LED Mapper compatibility - MediaMaster currently includes the intuitive LED Mapper extension, the flexible software solution from ArKaos to drive LED panels.
All the above in the easiest to control media server software that ever existed, MediaMaster is even simpler to use than ArKaos VJ DMX.
Need some footage? The software installer already comes with some video loops to get you started.. Okay you need high quality? The boxed version comes shipped with an additional DVD-Rom containing 4.1 GB of exclusive video footage in High Definition and Standard Definition.
This additional footage is exclusively available with the box and can't be obtained separately, it has been provided by selected sources offering professional quality footage for video mixing software, check out the MediaMaster Content page for more info.
Available in "Express" and "Pro" versions.

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