MediaFire Desktop

MediaFire Desktop 0.7

Instantly upload, collaborate, and share your media in the cloud, directly from your desktop.
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Designed to complement MediaFire's online storage service, MediaFire Desktop keeps your online and locally stored files safe and in sync. From backing up your important work, to sharing your vacation photos, MediaFire Desktop lets you store and access all of your media, everywhere you go. And with up to 50 GB of free storage, MediaFire lets users keep all of their content in one place without the worry of running out of space.
MediaFire Desktop Features at a Glance
Seamless integration: MediaFire's interface Integrates directly into your OSX Finder and Windows Explorer Windows, making working with your data on any linked device feel natural. Automatic File Sync: MediaFire automatically updates all of your media to the cloud, and keeps all of your files up to date.
Social by Design: Instantly share and collaborate with others directly from your desktop. MediaFire Desktop supports instant sharing with your favorite networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter, Bloggr, and embedded link sharing for your favorite online blogging platforms.
Activity Feed: Keep track of all MediaFire system activity; including updates to your files by other users, new files received from your contacts, and system status messages.
Automatic File Version Tracking: Organize your files by date, edit history, and type. MediaFire features automatic duplicate removal to enable you to maximize your online storage space. Screenshot capturing: Instantly capture, annotate (with text, arrows, and boxes), and share a screenshot of your desktop.
What's new in this version:
Performance Optimization Tweaks
General bug fixes

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