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Free Media Menu Lite is an excellent tool for movie lovers.
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Media Menu Lite is an excellent tool for movie lovers. The application can scan a folder on your Mac and detect all the movies that you have. It then can display them as a menu that you can access by clicking on the Media Menu Lite icon on your Mac's MenuBar.

The first thing you have to do is tell the application where your movies are located. It will start a scan and then list all the movies. The formatting of the names of the folders containing your movies has to be very clear, though, and the application seems to have problems with movies that come in two parts, separated in two sub-folders. It displays them as different items, when they are in fact the same movie. When you click on a movie from the menu, it will be played using your system's default video player for the format the movie is encoded in. From the settings menu, you can choose any of the players that you have installed to be used every time you click on a movie, though.

When I installed Media Menu Lite, it didn't show the art cover for my movies. It simply took snapshots of the first frame of the movie. In the screenshots at the developer's website, you can see great-looking posters and stuff like that. Maybe that is a feature for the Pro version of this app, but I was really looking forward to that.

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José Fernández
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  • It is a great way of finding your movies
  • Good looking
  • It works well enough


  • It didn't download movie posters
  • Had some problems reading multi-part movies


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