Mail Scheduler 1.2

Ultimate utility to send delayed and repeated messages.
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By Mountain Rose Multi Media
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Mail Scheduler is the ultimate utility to send delayed and repeated messages. There are several ways to use Mail Scheduler, while it's still pretty easy to use. A couple of the major features are: - Send simple messages by entering the subject, email addresses en text. - Use your standard email application to create complex messages. Even html messages and attachments. - Send messages once. Want to send a message two years from now? No problem! Just add it to Mail Scheduler, set the date and forget about it. - Send messages every year, every month, every day or even every hour. - Progressive schedule: Send a message each xx days and slowly decrease the interval time down to every hour. This is the perfect way to make sure you'll get an answer! - Has its own SMTP Server and HTTP Server, so you can run it either on your own or on another computer. - Use your browser to adjust the schedule of any message. - Runs in the background.

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