Magican Rest forces you to get regular breaks from work.
The product is discontinued by the developer
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Magican Software Ltd.

Magican Rest is a tiny application that forces you to get regular breaks and protects you from becoming a “workaholic”.
Based on the principle that sometimes the simple solutions are also the best ones, Magican Rest is wrapped in an elementary interface, which makes it suitable for any user profile. The options are limited so you can only change the break duration, the repeat time, the hours of action, background color or the type of the countdown display.

Magican Rest stays minimized in the system tray until the given hour, so it won't bother you during the work. Make sure to verify the countdown when you know it's about time to take a break and to schedule your tasks properly, because, at the pre-established time, the application will display a stopwatch on your screen, and you won't be allowed to move anything anymore. Use this pause to recharge your batteries. In need, but only before activation, you can postpone the break with one single click.

Magican Rest is a password-protected application, so nobody, except you, will be able to unlock it. An integrated update option gives you the possibility to work with Magican Rest's latest version. So, as you can see, to feel yourself healthy and relaxed, this tool is a must-have.

Josephine Seaman
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