Magenta Dictionaries Explorer

Magenta Dictionaries Explorer 7.0

"Dictionaries Explorer" is an interface for Magenta's new dictionaries.
7.0 (See all)

"Dictionaries Explorer" is an interface for Magenta's new dictionaries like the English-Greek-English Golden Version.
This version solves many problems which appeared in a limited number of users. If you don't have any problems it is not necessary to update to the new version. However, if you decide to do so, you can rest assured that it will cause no further problems.
Moreover, it incorporates a number of new features like the "mass translation" option by which you can translate many words simultanesouly, or even complete texts. Each word appears with its full definition and although this is not a machine translation engine as there is no further processing, the results are impressive, giving you a general idea of the meaning.

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