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MacNote is a light-weight, fast notepad offering many options.
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MacNote is a light-weight, fast notepad. The most important feature of MacNote is its simplicity. It can be used in a fairly intuitive way, and there is no need to pay any attention to its file structure, or worry about saving data. New data is saved automatically and in a manner compatible with unhindered use.

It is possible in any MacNote page, to install links to URLs, Files, other pages of MacNote and messages in Thus, pages can serve as an application launcher or a bookmark. In OSX 10.4 or higher, it is possible also to make a link to a message in, so it's easy to organize a To-Do page. MacNote allows the opening of multiple windows. In addition, multiple pages can be opened, via a tab, in one window.

MacNote provides a swift incremental search. The user can quickly locate a needed page, even though it may be hidden among many others. MacNote3 also provides a list of "Frequently-used pages" and "Recently-used pages", so the user is free to store as many pages as required.

MacNote is AppleScript compatible. Text data from MacNote can be transferred to another application via AppleScript. For example: templates for creating mail messages may be stored in MacNote, and by employing AppleScript, new email messages can be created from these templates. Or, by means of AppleScript, lyrics from iTunes can be imported into a newly-created page. AppleScript can edit text of MacNote too, so it's easy to insert HTML tags and so on. Of course you can write a new script and expand the ability of MacNote by yourself. more

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