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silicon optics layout & simulation program
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Macintosh silicon layout and simulation software. Create semiconductor and optical circuit designs, and test them out before fabrication. The initial release featured basic layout abilites, 5-function variable equation support, and basic GDSII format exporting.The second release added full support for saving and loading files associated with the .fdtd extension. This is an format I've introduced just for this program. Multiple documents are now also working, so there can be multiple schematics being worked on at the same time. The best thing about the 2nd release is that both Layout Index profiles and Layout Permeability profiles are now working. The third release added a preliminary simulation engine, and an updated animation window. The simulation engine cannot yet properly support some materials and sources, and sensors are not yet implemented, so results are purely qualitative The fourth release switched to a new format for saving & loading simulations, note that its incompatible with the previous saved simulations.There is now slight support for extending simulations, so a simulation can be loaded, then pick up where you left off. This is still incomplete.Other internal changes for code maintenance and performance. 5th release: Better support for indexes, permeabilities, conductivities, with profilesSnap-to-grid, and revert to selection cursor optionsSimulations can be cancelled while running The fifth-and-a-half release brought clipboard functionality, shape rotations, tooltips, and the duplicate & delete tools The sixth release added a full layout scripter, with no arcane typing, just an easy-to-use clickable interfaceThere is a demo script hosted on the dev pageA plugin system has been added for analyzing results, and included is a basic E-field plotter. Rest assured, I will have better plugins coming along. As per the 7th release: there is now full and working support for simulation extensionsAlso included is far more included documentationUndo now works in simulation and shape configuration info7.5th release: TONS of bug-fixesGDSII importing (path support still being worked out, boundaries and boxes are ok)Trig functions in any equation (sin, cos, tan only for now)sensor data export plugin for external data analysisa better demo file on the website
What's new in this version:
This is the 8th release.
Full GDSII importing support: paths!Exponential, not linear zoomingAuto-fit to layout buttonFar better plugin support

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