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Translate Final Cut Pro 7 XML files into Final Cut Pro X files.
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SendToX is intended for translating XML files generated by Final Cut Pro 7 or 6 into Final Cut Pro X files, which allows taking advantage of the features available in this newer version. It works by translating such metadata as clips, bins and sequences so that they can be readily imported on Final Cut Pro X.

Despite the complexity of the processes going on “under the hood”, the application is very easy to use. In this respect, there are three methods by which you can translate your project. First, you can just run the tool and select the desired XML file via the Open menu command. Second, it is also good that it supports dragging and dropping the file onto the application’s window. Third and final, since the tool integrates seamlessly with Finder, you can simply locate the intended file and use the contextual menu to open it on SendToX. In all cases, there are two options available: sending to Final Cut Pro X and save as XML.

Luckily, SendToX produces quite accurate translations. In this respect, the application can convert between such object pairs as Bins to Keyword Collections, Sequences to Compound Clips and track structures to Roles. Likewise, it converts pictures to supported formats, transitions and filters. It is good that SendToX lets you know about the changes or substitutions made by leaving markers on the target project.

However, there could be some infrequent issues as a result of translating your project, most of them due to reasons beyond the developer’s control. For instance, some timelines do not show as expected. Similarly, there could be problems with cross dissolves, still images, masking effects and audio fine tuning.

All in all, SendToX solves the problem of updating Final Cut Pro projects to more recent versions. Even though the translation may not always be perfect, it can save you a lot of time and effort. Please, notice that the tool does not work unless Final Cut Pro (version 10.0.6 or later) or an application that supports exporting to Final Cut Pro XML is installed on your system. The product can be purchased from the Mac App Store.

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  • Supports drag-and-drop operations
  • Quite accurate translation of the XML project
  • Integrates with Finder


  • Does not translate Final Cut Pro XML files to other formats
  • Some elements, such as timeline items, cross dissolves, masking effects and audio fine tuning, not translated properly
  • Requires third-party products installed


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