MACaddresses 1.2

This app reveals hardware addresses of each interface on your Mac.
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Network interface cards (NICs) make it possible for your computer to connect to a network. Every NIC has a hardware address, also known as MAC (Media Access Control). So, MAC addresses are associated with the hardware of the network adapters. MACaddresses is a program that helps you identify hardware addresses of every network interface on your computer.

The utility comes with a simple interface that features a table with three columns (BSD name, MAC address, and Description). You can copy the offered information to your clipboard and paste the content in third-party programs.

In addition, the application also gives you access to the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

However, you can find the information provided by the MACaddresses application in your default browser. There are countless websites that help you learn your MAC, IPv4, and IPv6 addresses.

Even though this application works perfectly and offers you accurate information, I still think it is not worth installing on your Mac. You can use your default web browser to immediately find the details you need.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple to use
  • Lets you copy the offered info to your clipboard
  • Provides you with accurate info
  • Free of charge


  • The functionality is not unique or very useful: you can find the offered info in your default web browser
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