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PeakHour is a beautiful, network traffic visualiser that lives in your Mac OS menu bar.
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PeakHour is a beautiful, network traffic visualiser that lives in your Mac OS menu bar. It provides an instant view of your Internet or WiFi activity in real-time.
PeakHour is great for monitoring your Internet, WiFi, NAS and servers and can give you a real-time visual view of how much bandwidth your computers and devices are using.
Use PeakHour to:
- Monitor your Internet usage in real-time.
- Help determine the optimum placement of your Wireless Access Point for maximum performance or troubleshoot slow WiFi.
- Track how much data you're using to make sure you don't go over your allowance.
- Help troubleshoot Internet performance problems and slowdowns.
- Ensure your Internet speeds are what your ISP promised.
- Monitor the performance of your NAS, servers and other network devices.
◆ Can monitor any capable, SNMPv1-enabled or UPnP-enabled device. Note if you are unsure if you device supports these things. download the free PeakHour Compatibility Check tool (see the sidebar).
◆ Monitor as many devices as you like.
◆ Drop-down display showing real-time upload / download graph and router information.
◆ Total usage allows you to track your bandwidth usage over the month. Specify your anniversary day to have it auto-reset at the end of the period.
◆ Configuration Assistant to help you set up your various devices to monitor.
◆ Configurable display:
- Units (eg. MB/sec vs Mbit/sec)
- Scale (Automatic or fixed)
- Graph smoothing
- Graph colors
◆ Optimised for Retina displays.
PeakHour requires SNMPv1 or UPnP to be supported on enabled in order to monitor a device's bandwidth usage. We have created the PeakHour Compatibility Check tool to help you determine if your device(s) work with PeakHour. Grab it from the Mac AppStore (it's free) before purchasing if you are unsure.
PLEASE if you are having problems getting this app to work with your router, contact us and we will do our best to assist.

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