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Mac Backup Guru 6.8

Create a bootable clone of your disk, with support of incremental backups.
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Mac Backup Guru is intended for creating a clone of your disk, which also allows you to boot your system from an external drive in case anything goes wrong. Luckily, you do not need to create a clone from scratch. Instead, you can update existing backups, which is much faster.

The app has a very compact interface. In fact, there is just a single window and some dialog boxes for some settings. In addition, everything is self-explicable, so it is unlikely that you have any difficulty even if it is the first time: just follow the workflow suggested by the interface layout. The first step consists in selecting the source and the destination drives. Then, you should pick one of the two modes supported: Synchronized Clone Backup and Incremental Snapshot. Next, you may optionally create an exclusion list. Finally, it is excellent that you can automate the process via scheduled backups.

Compared with other similar tools, Mac Backup Guru has the advantage of creating identical copies of your files, which include their metadata. Likewise, it is excellent that it can smartly manage snapshots via hard links so that the space in the target drive is not depleted so quickly.

All in all, Mac Backup Guru may be recommended if you want to be certain you will still be able to access important data even if your machine would not start the normal way. In this regard, it supports bootable backups, incremental snapshots and synchronized backups. There are some issues, though. For instance, it may start hidden processes that use too much battery power. Besides, it does not allow creating different schedules for varying scenarios. Luckily, the product can be downloaded and tried at no cost.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports incremental backups
  • Smartly manages snapshots to save disk space
  • Creates bootable clones
  • Allows scheduling backups
  • Creates identical data of your files


  • May use too much battery power
  • Does not allow creating various schedules
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