Horae 1.3

View and create MIDI or SMPTE timecodes.
1.3 (See all)
Generate timecodes for MIDI content or SMPTE elements via remote control functions. Automatically detect the destinations and devices connected to your Mac. Select and enable or disable the sync source. View all the MIDi outputs, manage them, transmit MTC, etc.

Horae is a show-control tool to read and generate MIDI Timecode or SMPTE LTC (Longitudinal Timecode). Features The Clock - Horae's Clock can be triggered manually or be slaved to external MTC and will be the timecode master in your show or application. The clock can transmit MTC to any MIDI destination in your system. Media Playback: Sync AV Media to Timecode - The Media Playback Feature allows to sync any kind of AV media to MIDI timecode, either incoming from an other app, or generated by Horae's Master Clock. (Media playback requires OS X 10.9 or later.) External Sync - The clock can act as a slave for every other MTC source in your system - just select the sync source and click the Arm button - you will be ready. Timecode Devices - Create an unlimited number of LTC Reader or Generator devices and translate time into other domains or distribute to other machines.

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