Lost Photos

Lost Photos 2.0

This app helps you find photos stored in your email account.

Lost Photos is a program that helps you find and save the pictures stored within your email account to a destination folder within your Mac. This application provides you with an easy and quick solution for searching and backing up the photos you've sent over the years using your email accounts.

I like the fact that this application offers you several search settings which come in handy when filtering the results. For instance, you can search picture attachments sent or received after a certain date or photos that are bigger than 8 kilobytes.

In my testing, I searched photos stored within my Yahoo email account. To my surprise, this program immediately scanned my email data and offered me the results I required. What I didn't like about the saving process was that the app didn't allow me to select which photos to save to my computer or change the destination folder.

Until working with this application, the only way I could find received or sent photos from my email account was to use the search tool provided by the email client (Yahoo or Gmail). However, by doing so, I had to check each found email and save the pictures individually. Fortunately, Lost Photos automatically saves all found pictures to your Mac.

As a conclusion, Lost Photos is a simple yet helpful program that finds and saves photo attachments within your email accounts. The app is very easy to handle, immediately offers you the pictures you need, and lets you preview found photos while it scans your email account.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Intuitive interface
  • Lets you preview found photos as it scans your email account
  • Provides you with various scan options


  • Unable to change the destination for the found photos
  • Unable to select which photos to save to your Mac
  • You need to make an in-app purchase in order to find and save all photos from your email account
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